• Our commitment is to construct a product of outstanding quality.
  • Rémey has continually fulfilled this ambition through the implementation of sustained supervision and strict quality management.
  • These principles within Rémey’s work policy are reinforced by Johan Meyer and the Rémey management team’s involvement throughout the building process and ensure our success in realizing our objectives.
  • Since the inception of the company in 1994, Rémey has founded strong relationships with our clients and professional consultants, as well as our suppliers and subcontractors.  We intend to build on these relationships and foster new ones as we move forward.

As a signatory to the Unashamedly Ethical campaign, Rémey is committed to maintaining the highest levels of integrity and honesty in all its dealings with suppliers, subcontractors, associates, customers, consultants and employees.


Ongoing training of the Rémey workforce has been a cornerstone of the company’s success, and a strong health and safety focus has resulted in several awards from the Master Builders Association (MBA Boland). Cognizant of the environment it operates in.