Herold 1

Herold Street Stellenbosch Offices

Commercial Property to rent in Stellenbosch

This 200 square meter office building will be built in the heart of the prestigious Herold Street in the historic core of Stellenbosch.  In 1902 this leafy road was the first in the historic West End of Stellenbosch that was fully developed. The new development shares a plot with a beautifully restored Victorian home, now also being used as office space.  Both the architect and the local authority have given great consideration to the aesthetic appearance of the new building to enhance the sense of tranquility that exist in the offices situated on this road.  Easy access to Dorp Street and nearby coffee shops is guaranteed.  Occupation date is set for the second quarter of 2017.  Please contact us to register your interest.

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For enquiries, please contact Bertus Swanepoel
Tel: 021 – 883 2616
Email: Bertus@remey.co.za